The Famous

In 2013 I set up The Famous 1886 to continue and keep alive my family’s heritage from The Famous of Cheltenham. The Famous of Cheltenham, was, excuse the pun, famous for service, quality and choice since 1886. It was an institution on Cheltenham’s High Street, always in the same building whilst those around it were knocked down or re-developed.

So now a bit of history about The Famous of Cheltenham:

The Famous of Cheltenham was established by a tailor who presented himself as ‘the famous tailor from London’ and when, in 1896, my Great-Grandfather, Mr A N Cole, purchased the business he kept The Famous name. The building itself was always known as The Famous and is still referred to as this by many today.

Trading from the same high street premises since 1886 until 2013, The Famous of Cheltenham looked after the gentlemen of Cheltenham and surrounding counties.
We received over the years pictures from customers wearing clothes purchased from The Famous in the far flung colonies of the time and more recently at Ascot, Buckingham Palace, Hong Kong, Sydney and Los Angeles, among many others.

The name of The Famous of Cheltenham has become synonymous with service, quality and choice and it is an ethos that I plan to continue with The Famous 1886