British Made Bespoke

I am very excited to introduce my British made Bespoke tailoring service, my very best tailoring offer, to sit above my Semi Bespoke service.

My British Bespoke tailors are situated in the heart of West Yorkshire, where all my cloth houses source many of their best fabrics from. My British Bespoke garments are expertly crafted in Huddersfield making them completely and truly ‘Made in England’.

‘Made in England’ is a label of quality. A mark of heritage. An extension of our national identity. I am proud to say that the British Bespoke tailoring stays here in England and never leaves the country.

As well as choosing from the very best cloth available, you have a wide choice of details, finishes, linings, buttons and more. These options, and the very best fit will ensure you have a garment, unique to you.

To know more or set up a no obligation consultation, please contact me.