British Made Bespoke

The Famous 1886 British Bespoke service gives a taste of Saville Row in the comfort of your own home.

My British Bespoke tailors are situated in West Yorkshire, the traditional heartland of cloth weaving and renowned the world over for quality and craftmanship. All the finest cloth houses and Saville Row tailors source many of their best fabrics from this area. The garments are expertly crafted in Huddersfield making them truly ‘Made in England’.

‘Made in England’ is a label of quality. A mark of heritage. An extension of our national identity. I am proud to say that the British Bespoke tailoring stays here in England and never leaves the country

The process begins with a no obligation consultation where we will discuss cloth, fit, style and finish options before moving onto a fitting session where I will take measurements and figurations and we can finalise the details of you garment. As well as choosing from the very best cloth available, you have a wide choice of details, finishes, linings, buttons and more. These options, and the very best fit will ensure you have a fantastic garment, unique to you. The tailors will then get to work.

We will then have a further fitting of a ‘basted’ suit. This is an unfinshed garment, with a rough lining and tack stitches where I finalise the fit of the garment, ensuring it will be perfect once complete. This is very much the Saville Row experience and guarantees an excellent fit.

The garment then goes back to Yorkshire for finishing and once complete we have a final fitting to finish off the process.

Prices for this outstanding service start from approximately £975 for a two piece suit, depending on the cloth chosen and the extra details, which is great value for Britiah made bespoke suit

To know more or set up a no obligation consultation, please contact me.

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